Thursday, December 25, 2008


Today, while on maneuvers with several of my colleagues, I received word that my promotion came through for Arch Lieutenant.
We were running scan-down ops for Minmatar complexes in the Metropolis Region. Normal routine is to toss someone into a system (usually me) and check out the neighborhood real quick. If the coast is relatively clear, the rest of the squad moves in and we start scanning for enemy bases. Once we get a hit, we move in, and go on the offensive.
The mission usually ends in a success. We have some really good leaders, and everyone knows pretty much what to do.
After taking down a couple of these enemy bases, I received my notice of promotion. I cannot speak for the others in my team, but I value these promotions probably more than getting a "kill" under my belt. I think I am more scholar than warrior, though this is changing.

Marshal Gangleri, who leads our team also received his promotion the other day. The Empire has awarded him the highest rank in the militia: Divine Commodore.
If you see him, please extend a well deserved congratulations.

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