Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Promotion!

Last week, I received word from headquarters that I was to be promoted from Templar Lieutenant to Cardinal Lieutenant!

It is an honor for me to be used by the Empire to push back the darkness, but they graciously promoted me in rank.

I am not sure if you humans know about the Amarrian Ranking system. Please allow me to explain.

Ever since official war has broken out between the factions, the Empire has setup a branch of the military referred to as militia forces. Though officially a part of the Imperial Navy, the 24th Imperial Crusade (24IC) is established in order to allow Capsuleers to be involved with the Great Reclaimation.

When a pod pilot/ capsuleer demonstrates their loyalty to Amarr, they are free to enter the 24IC as the rank of Paladin Crusader. Our task is to defend our area of space from the enemy, support allied complexes from attack, as well as capture enemy complexes. After a short period, the pilot will earn his first promotion as Templar Lieutenant. The longer the pilot stays in the militia and the more victories he earns, the hugher his rank.

It is humbling to know that in a small way, I can help my Empire.

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