Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cheaters Never Prosper

[Out of Character Post]

If you play EVE Online long enough, you find "glitches" in the game. When used improperly, these exploits can be damaging. This is what is happening with regards to Factional Warfare.

Several Caldari pilots discovered that if they attack Gallente FW Plexes with Amarrian characters, the NPCs will not attempt to defend the plex. This is why all of the Gallente warzone has been captured by the Caldari.

From what I was told, these pilots attempted to notify CCP of this bug/ exploit and according to my sources, CCP has not responded. Therefore, what do these pilots do? They come over to the Minmatar warzone and start taking down plexes as Caldari, knowing that the NPCs will not attack them.

As of this writing 3 systems has fallen using this exploit: Isbrabata, Egmar, and Aset.

As a pilot involved in factional warfare, I will be the first to rejoice when we win, but not by cheating. Granted, it sounds like CCP has seriously dropped the ball on this issue, but it doesn't justify stepping in and ruining the game for others.

There is another bug we discovered earlier and attempted many time to draw CCP's attention on. When a FW pilot enters a plex, approaches a timer, and then warps off, the timer will continue by itself. We have personally found Minmatar pilots repeatedly abusing this exploit, with no repercussions from CCP.

Using these bugs/ exploits is nothing more than cheating.

Our corporation, 1st Praetorian Guard, held several meetings regarding this matter and we unanimously agreed that these bugs are egregious and cannot be sanctioned or promoted. Even though many of our opponents don't mind using such bugs, we have committed ourselves on taking a higher ground.

So, what's going to happen in Matari Space? I am not sure. I suspect that the systems will fall just as the Gallente systems fell. 1PG will not be a part of it, and CCP should be ashamed that they have not addressed the issue.