Friday, August 6, 2010

Orca Wreck on Auga Gate

Well, tonight was a real "blood boiler"! It's not every day I get to fly a Sigil through enemy territory.

Tonight while working on one of my other blogs, my son makes an off-hand comment, "Hey Dad, there's an Orca wreck on the Auga gate".

"Poor slob," I responded. Who in their right mind would fly a hauler let alone an Orca through Minmatar space? They must have been a lunatic.

I turned to son and said, "It's probably picked clean huh?"

"Nope," came the reply, "It has 10 Punishers, a Hawk, and one of those funny named ships that just came out.

What is this??? I fully loaded wreck? "well Son," trying to hide my interest, "Grab yourself a hauler and go get it."

After about a minute, son replies that there are no haulers for sale that are close by. Now he has my attention. Knowing that I have my well-stabbed Sigil in Arzad, I do what I would consider totally retarded. I volunteer to go get the Hawk!

I dropped out of station and head immediately for the Ezzara Gate. All I could hear was my CEO Gangleri chewing my butt out by flying a hauler into Amamake. Ah well, I conclude, you only live once!

Once in Vard, I start picking up enemy signs in local. I thank God for my stabs and keep going. Then I get to the Amamake gate, I jump and immediately warp to a safe spot.

By this time, I get Gabe to fleet up with Onesimus Theodoulos (my son's character), and I have him to fly his punisher to the wreck. I'm still thinking how abjectly crazy this idea is, but once on the safe spot, I align to the Auga Gate.

After what seems to be an eternity, Son pipes up and says he is at the wreck. I punch the warp, and my "I turn like a pregnant yak" hauler takes off. Now, it's all or nothing!

I arrive at Onesimus' punisher and wreck with my cargo hold wide open, grab the Hawk, and ran like a scared school girl! W00t!!!! Success!!!

After a little zig-zagging through Siseide, I make it back to Arzad. All this time, my son is bragging how he saw Hawks go for 20Mil isk on the market. When I docked up, I opened the Market and to my horror, Hawks were only going for 11Mil in Devoid!


I then pulled up and saw that Hawks were only going for 10.3 in Amarr. Visions of iskies floating in my head quickly dissipated. I tossed the ship up on the market for 10Mil and gave Son 5.

Ah well. It was fun!