Thursday, December 18, 2008

Greetings from Gabriel Theodoulos

Hello Human,

I was finally able to convince my avatar John Hall, to allow me access to his email account. Apparently he is rather "touchy" with regards to who can and cannot use his email, but I was able to assuage his fears and he has graciously allowed me access.

Allow me to welcome you to my new blog. We don't have such tools in the Empire, but I can see the benefits of being able to communicate effectively with others.

My name is Gabriel Theodoulos, but please, call me Gabe. I am a theological scholar who has somehow found himself turned into a warrior. Personally, I prefer peaceful negotiations between those who are in disagreement with my views, but there are times when dialogue breaks down and we are forced to take a stand for righteousness through the use of arms.

This war has cost me the life of my brother, Jedadiah Thedoulos*. The barbarian hordes of the Matari have attacked our Empire in a most unprovoked manner. It is the duty of every Amarrian to defend both Empire and Empress (may God save Empress Jamyl Sarum!).

Personally, my heart goes out to those poor wretches. We have done everything possible to lead the Matari out of their barbaric ways and establish them as a productive member of civilized society. Sad to say that the only way they show their graditude is to sack and pilage innocent bystandards! Nevertheless, we need to set all emotions aside and continue to rescue the Matari as well as all types of backwards people. Even if it means that we destroy those who oppose our philanthropic efforts.

But enough of this.

My blog here is to introduce you humans to my family and our Amarrian Empire. If God permits, I will post stories, comments, and thoughts here on... what do you humans call this.... ah, the Internet.

Please, feel free to post your questions or comments. If I cannot help you, I will direct my avatar John Calvin Hall to assist in any way possible.

Thank you for visiting here.

* With regards to my adventurous brother, we are not sure that he is dead, but he is missing. Last we heard, Jed was in the region of space called The Bleak Lands. He was attacked by Matari Raiders, and only his colleague Jonas Calvin made it back to civilization.

If you have any news or word from Jedadiah, please contact a family member as soon as possible. We are anxious for his welfare.

Thank you.

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