Monday, November 22, 2010

The Dilemma

"So Uncle, what do you think?"

Onesimus was always my favorite nephew.  Though he was a relatively young man, he performs his duties with love and conviction.  There never was a time, I asked for his help, that the young Theodoulos would hesitate in giving.  

Now, that he comes to me for advice... And on such a topic!  How can I help him?  I have been a monk all my life.  A scholar and theologian.  How can I answer my beloved nephew?

Onesimus thought for a moment longer, "maybe I should make a frontal assault!  Show no fear, right?"

"Uh... Well...  Maybe you...." was all I could get out.

"Or possibly I should lay low, and not do anything," the boy continued, with a worried look on his face.

"And what would the repercussions be, my lad?" I asked, hoping to delay this boy's realization that I am possibly the very last person to ask such questions.

Onesimus thought for a moment, and replied, "If I come straight forward I can show that I am no coward.  I will show that I am brave, and can face any outcome that would result in ... well... you know."

Oh boy lad, I thought to myself.  No I do not!  It was many years ago, I made my vows to God, and dealing with this issue was on that list!

"Or I could remain silent," a sad look came across his face.  "It would protect both of us from bad feelings... If it were not meant to be."

My heart went out to my dear nephew.  He really did like this girl, but both he and I didn't quite know how to deal with it.  Bah, I thought to myself, why couldn't be like the olden days, where families arranged for such matters?  It would make life a whole lot easier for my young pod pilot.

"She is... so.... beautiful, Uncle Gabe!" Onesimus extold.

"Bah!" came my reply, "You never once saw her, just an image... and her voice on the commas."

The nephew looked shocked at his monk uncle.  Then a little hurt.  "True," came the slow and carefully worded reply, "but she sure does sound beautiful."

The situation was worse that I had imagined.

"My boy," I continued in my most fatherly manner, "I know the young lady myself.  A fine and loyal Amarrian, yet she does has a reputation with Concord you know.  And she does have a bounty out on her."

"Oh, that... That was Pred's sense of humor!" came the quick reply.  "Besides, what does Concord know about Amarrian Loyalty?"

It's a habit of mine, really.  When I catch something I didn't expect my right eyebrow twitches.  

My right eyebrow twitched.  "Be careful Onesimus," I replied.  "We respect Concord and their laws until told otherwise by God or our Empress."

Where was Tobias when you needed him?  He would be able to answer such dilemmas.  Far better that this old monk is doing.  But that fool of a Primus had to go off half-cocked and get himself kicked out of 1PG....  I sigh.

I look over to my beloved nephew, and a tear comes to my eye.  I never had this problem....  Well, one time...  But Onesimus must never find out. Never!

My heart went out to him, as the heart of a father.  I wanted to drive all his doubts and sorrows away, but sometimes, such matters must be worked through.

"Onesimus my boy, give this matter time.  She is a good girl, but God will work things out for what is best."

"You're right, Uncle Gabe," replied the young and naive Theodoulos.  "I will focus on my duties, and let matters work themselves out."

A heavy sigh escaped my lips, as I realized that we just might have resolved a major dilemma.  Then a thought ran across my mind, "My boy, would you kindly do me a favor?"

"What's that Uncle Gabe?"

I took a deep breath, "Please, stop referring to her as My Queen!"

Onesimus' face turned three shades of red, "Yes sir, I will try."

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