Monday, December 22, 2008

Faction Warfare Pins

Over the last couple of weeks, my avatar John, has had the opportunity to dialogue with Lucas at Dragonfire Laser Crafts. Apparently, John is so excited about my progress in the Amarr Militia, he wanted to find out if anyone was producing rank pins for him to wear on his EVE Online cap.

John contacted CCP, and according to Merry Luong (CCP North America), Dragon Fire Signs had introduced factional rank pins at the recent FanFest. This is what started the dialoguing.

According to Master Lucas, he is still in the development stage for these pins. He has already produced the top four ranks for each of the factions, and will be working over the Christmas Holidays to finish up the design of the rest. The following are a couple of photos Lucas sent John.

Master Lucas is working with the manufacturer to keep the final cost to be around $3.00 (US) for each pin.

Talking with John, he seems to be quite excited about the project. "I am going to order the Arch Lieutenant pin first, in order the celebrate when Gabe reaches the next rank", John commented. He also said, "I will also order additional pins for my two boys, and a pin for my oldest daughter, when they start going up in rank with their characters."

This first statement cause me to raise an eyebrow. I didn't think my avatar would be cheering for me so strongly. Well, even though John isn't as bright as an average Amarrian, as a friend, he'll do.

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