Thursday, January 15, 2009

Matari on Twitter!

Today, I finally broke away from John's Twitter account. While online, I discovered Twhirl, and created my own account. Bear in mind, I am attempting to expand my social network to others, and John had shown me how useful Twitter is in meeting other people. If you are interested, toss me a "tweet" at GabbyTheodoulos. I'll be glad to respond!

When I logged on for the first time, I discovered to my horror that several Matari had also infiltrated Twitter! I contacted both the Imperial Chancellor as well as the Ministry of War, but have yet to obtain a response.

So far, I have identified two, and think there might be several more.

Alexia_Morgan is a member of the Brutor tribe. While reading her bio information, it appears to me that she might just hold a grudge against the Amarrian people.

Wensley is even more nefarious! His Security Status is a -9.8 and has a 5 Million isk bounty on his head! Be careful with this one, he looks tough!

If you find any more Matari on Twitter, please contact me as soon as possible. I'll add them to this list and forward the information onto the appropriate authorities.


Alexia Morgan said...

I don't have a 'grudge', I have a BURNING HATRED!

The only good Amarr is a DEAD Amarr.

John Calvin Hall said...

Needless to say, diplomatic relations between the two factions are rather ... strained.