Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An Imbalance in Blogging

Hello All. John here, stepping for a bit of monologue.

Recently I posted a story on Gabe's interactions with a sworn enemy and how a battle was won without weapons firing. After the post, we received a comment that struck me as a bit of a surprise. Though I knew that Amarrians are not well represented in the blog-o-sphere, it drove home that ole' Gabby is a true rarity amongst his social-networking peers. If you haunt the EVE blogs the way Gabe and I do, you'll notice that the vast majority of our fellow bloggers are either Pirates ("Yarr ye maties!") or Matari Freedom Fighters. Sure, there are a few carebears out there, but I have yet to find a fellow Amarrian Factional Warrior in the blogging realm! This revelation puts a bit more pressure on Gabe. The way he described it, it's like arriving to a tie and tails party dressed in denims and cardigan.

Please, don't get me wrong. Every single fellow-blogger has not only been gracious, but has demonstrated hospitality above and beyond what was expected. I guess the problem is that not enough Amarrians have the urge to blog!

Now, our work is cut out for us. Gabriel and I are going to focus on The House Theodoulos with the intent of showing that not all Amarrians are sinister dark overlords who wish to enslave the masses. There is another side to the Amarrian culture that too many do not see. Gabby has agreed to answer any questions posed to him, and in a civil and cultured manner. We both realize that the majority of stories out there come from those opposed to the Empire, and he has graciously committed himself to addressing many of the complaints as possible.

Now, my challenge to you! Please, feel free to ask either myself or Gabe questions you might have. We cannot gaurentee a complete answer, but we will try our best!

Addendum - Gabre reminded me... Please, no tactical questions from the blokes on the other side of the battlefield. It won't work!


Biomassed said...

I too have noticed the mass of pirate IC blogs, unfortunatkey they hold no interest to me so I tend to skip them.

I quite like the amarrian slaver approach this one has, so do tend to read it, although your none IC posts hold my main interest once again. This isn't a fault in your writing, just what interest me :)

The real dearth of Eve Bloggers seem to be in the same area mine is, that of the Eve player who wished to blog about the whole experience. This means I tend to read my own blog more than anyone's and constantly bug my co-writers to give me content :)

I do wonder something about Gabe. His stance and approach to CVA and there ilk?

John Calvin Hall said...

Oh, yeh. Gabriel has more than a few close ties to CVA. Over the last couple of months, he has developed relationships with many in CVA, PIE, and other loyalist groups.

As you probably realize that not all Amarrians are the same (politically, socially, etc.) and most of them really do ... lack ... in the area of charisma. Gabe can't answer for individual's stand on issues and how they respond, he can say that those in CVA who he knows are extremely honorable and loyal to the Empire.

Leumas said...

I am all for clearing up the misconceptions about the Amarr. Although it was an admittedly random choice to create a Khanid character at the start of my EVE career, I have developed a loyalty to the Amarr and their culture. Now, if I only had the time to blog...